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Cameras have stopped rolling, concerts are postponed and actors are “unemployed”. It looks as if nothing is moving in the world of entertainment, but since lockdown, more and more people are coming forward like never before and talent is being rediscovered! 

This is an opportunity for entertainers to present their talent which is too often overlooked while supressed by commercialised TV Shows, normally used for individual gain rather than to seek, support and develop those who deserve a chance!…

Most of the greats who’s names are written in the Hall Of Fame were discovered initially by their individual uniqueness and raw talent, we know if they were to appear in front of four Judges today, they would not stand a chance!… 

This to the music industry is absolute sabotage to say the least. It has left a huge void in the perception of true talent, also taken away the people’s opinion… For instance… In light of the above, would we know all greats from time past, most of whom came from nothing. To name but a few,  Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly…   Artists initially discovered by chance, the icons of our century, unparalleled today… 

Why?… because of the sheer manufactured greed of a few who have totally infiltrated the music industry… It is not too far-fetched from the reality of charging for water, another God given gift to each and all, not to be condemned and criticised, especially from the few who obviously have little or no background whatsoever in the arts other than being associated in media circles, who too often dismiss the talented while making room for the clown, simply because of “TV Ratings” etc.  A great injustice to both the arts and the performer! We need to give the initiative back the people and let them be the judges!…


Opportunity Is knocking!

This could be your chance to answer its call...

With the World on complete Lockdown due to Covid 19 its safe to say that the music scene has also been cancelled…  Until Now!!

Are you an aspiring artist looking for a break?…  Well this could be your time to shine!  Welcome to Lockdown factor… Premiering in Ireland, the first of it’s kind, while offering the opportunity to win for you and your charity of choice, all from the comfort of your own home! However, the prize is only the beginning!

How to apply:

Entry couldn’t be easier. Simply click on our registration tab, fill in the required details and upload an entry video of your solo or duet vocal. (Please note that the competition applies to solo or duo acts only) We will require a €25 euro entry charge on registration.


The competition will be aired over a number of weeks here on Lockdownfactor.com and judged solely by Public Vote! 

So…..what are you waiting for?.. Register now to be in with a chance to win for you and your Charity, and gain a place in our World-Championships, all while having fun! Good Luck!


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