Our Onlie Lockdownfactor Song Contest, Irish Edition Is Sponsored By

How To Enter

An entry fee of €25 payable digitally to Lockdownfactor Inc is required with each entry on registration. By entering, you agree that this entry fee is necessary to cover the processing and administration of the contest. You may enter as many songs as you’d like, and each entry requires a €25 fee. Only valid and public URL links will be accepted. Please double-check URL links before entering. Lockdownfactor Inc is not responsible for issuing refunds based on broken or otherwise invalid links. Only MP4 files are accepted. You may enter a variety of recording styles, including demos, worktapes and finished masters. We require the song to be clearly audible in the recording.  We simply require that the recording clearly presents the song in its fullest light. You may enter online only, via


The Contest is open to any amateur singer. Lockdownfactor Inc broadly defines an amateur singer as an individual or entity whose personal income is not primarily from music-related sources (i.e. songwriting royalties, artist royalties, merchandise sales, live performances, synchronization licenses, record label advances, etc.). Employees of and independent contractors of Lockdownfactor Inc and their immediate families or employees of sponsors (see section below) are not eligible. By submitting, you are agreeing that you are an amateur as described above and that you are not employed by or affiliated with any of the contest sponsors. You represent and warrant that (a) all registration information you submit is truthful and accurate; (b) you will maintain the accuracy of such information; (c) you are 16 years of age or older; and (d) your entry to the Contest does not violate any applicable law or regulation. If you are under 18 years of age, however, you must have permission and clearance to enter the Contest from your parent or legal guardian. Entry of the Contest is void where prohibited. First, second, and third place contest winners are notified by email address or phone number. If the chosen winners do not respond to Lockdownfactor Inc notifications within seven (7) days, Lockdownfactor Inc reserves the right to contact runner-ups and/or honourable mentions for the receipt of the First Place prize.


This Contest is a talent and skilled-based event. All entries are judged by Public Voting,  carefully examined and protected by IP Address and several other layers of security from Lockdownfactor Inc. The first heat will begin when 25 most voted contestants from  each of our four categories are selected by public vote, giving us a total of  100 contestants in the contest. These Top Most Voted will be broken down into groups of 15  for our Live Event online every Saturday Night where five contestants will go through to the nest heat right up to our Final 15 were the the winner and runner ups will be voted once again by Public Voting.

The chosen 100 contestants will be posted/featured on Inc as our Top Voted 2020 Contest. leading up to our European contest in 2021 and will remain as our contestants who made it through to our 2020 contest.

All contest entrants should stay informed of the selection process via site updates and by joining Lockdownfactor’s weekly e-newsletter,

The Top 3 winners will be notified via e-mail and phone, Honourable Mentions will be notified via email, and all results will be posted on website and announced via our On-Line Live Event, 2020.

Entrants who did not place in the Top 3 or 10 Honorable Mentions will be notified via email.


1st Place:

  • €20,000

  • Free Entry into our 2021 Contest

  • Promotion Video

2nd Place:

  • €3,000

  • Free Entry into our 2021 Contest

  • Promotion Video

3rd Place:

  • €2,000

  • Free Entry into Our 2021 Song Contest

  • Promotion Video


We do NOT claim ownership in the materials you submit in conjunction with the Contest. Such materials include written text, files, images, photos, video, songs, lyrics, poetry, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, tags, hashtags, genres, splits, ownership splits, identifiable numbers, identifiable codes, songwriter name, personal identifiable information, copyright registration information, affiliated companies or individuals, rights holder, administrator, publisher, or any other materials (collectively, “Content”) that you display, upload, transfer, publish, or post to, whether public or private. By submitting any Content through the Contest, whether public or private, you hereby grant to us a limited, non-exclusive license to use, stream, transmit, beam, store, publicly display, translate, reproduce, and distribute such Content, in any format, whether known or unknown, including the limited right to use your likeness, persona, logo, trademark, and right(s) of publicity ONLY for purposes of this Contest. You further agree to indemnify and hold, contest public voting, and all contest sponsors, their subsidiaries, and affiliates, and their respective officers, agents, partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of any breach of your representations and warranties set forth above and/or if any part of the entry causes to be liable to another.

Other Rules & Regulations

By entering the contest through, you expressly agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy listed on the Lockdownfactor website, the contractual terms of which are incorporated herein by reference. To the extent that the terms of this Contest conflict with any other agreement, the terms of this Contest shall take priority. Lockdownfactor reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the rules herein outlined with no obligation to return any entry fee. We expressly disclaim any warranty and we cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific results. In no event shall we be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, statutory, special or punitive damages, including lost profit damages arising from your entry into the Contest. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, our liability to you for any cause whatsoever and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you. By entering you also understand that your email address will be shared with contest sponsors.

Conflict Resolution

The parties shall attempt in good faith to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement promptly by negotiation between persons who have authority to settle the controversy. Any party may give the other party written notice of any dispute not resolved in the normal course of business. If not resolved, any dispute, claim or controversy (i.e., contractual, tort, and/or statutory) arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof.

Prize Deliveries

The  1st Place cash prize and the 2nd Place cash prize will be delivered digitally via PayPal, or a mutually agreeable payments platform, one week after contest ends.


Contest begins when all ‘Progress Bars are full and closing off entries once contest commences.

LockdownFactor would like to wish all our contestants a happy and joyful experience and to remember this is a singing contest to set in place for you, to help bring inspire and bring forth your talent in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, away from the the tediousness and harshness of a judging panel that too often overlooks true and natural talent that is unique in each and every person.