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How much time do you spend watching videos on social media? Statistically it’s probably a lot. If you run a small business, how many potential customers do you think are watching videos on Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc, right now? Wouldn’t it be great if they were watching videos that promote you and your business? Promotake2.com was founded by a team of video experts who believe that high-quality productions should be accessible and affordable to everyone. With our service, it’s easy to promote yourself, your business, or anything you want to promote. Maybe you want the world to know it’s your dog’s birthday. We help produce original promos for literally anything you want, and to use on any social media platform.


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Need a VoiceOver for your Promo... We have a list of world-class narrators to choose from... As well as voice over, we provided other services: transcription, translation, royalty-free music, a final audio mix, accompanying our productions.

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professional 3d logo design for business brand or company
professional 3d logo design for your business brand or company