Have you ever wondered what gives a specific person  (or a panel of 4 people in many cases)  the right to judge the talent of another person/people???

Could it be that there is some unknown “qualification” for such rights that has escaped my knowledge to date??

Hi I’m Laura and I would like to chat to you all about the music industry at large as we have seen in recent years a great decline in the uniqueness of individual talent. This is a subject close to my heart with which I am sure many people with musical backgrounds will also relate!

Coming from a musical family I am no stranger to talent shows and various competitions throughout the years on both a small scale and on television .From the age of 4 I have been on stage performing in various shows and competitions as have many of my family members. Although I always found my time on stage enjoyable and thankfully never encountered a bad experience myself ,I have witnessed first hand people being torn down in judgement  and for that reason alone I have always had that unsaid fear of “not being good enough” before a performance. 

I have watched various well known talent shows on television with horror as I see week after week people with extremely unique and raw talent being supressed and ridiculed. Each time I have asked myself the same question……

 What defines “talent”??? AND MORESO…..What right have 4 judges to strip an individuals confidence of musical expression??? 

This is a huge problem that is being alarmingly overlooked and may be affecting the music industry more than we know. Many talented people have been left feeling inadequate and suffering the “fear factor” stopping them from putting themselves out there for fear of rejection.

If we take a look at some of our all time musical greats we will see a uniqueness in most of them that may have been ridiculed and overlooked by the present day musical “judging panels”. Some of our most iconic artists (past and present) are remembered/known and loved for the qualities which made them different from the rest. However in todays monopolised music scene  this freedom of musical expression has been “tabooed” leaving many afraid to come forward and therefore suppressing natural talent. This leads me to believe that if many of our all time musical idols had faced these judges  they would also have bee ridiculed, overlooked  and therefore unknown today!

 I feel it is utterly tragic that the music industry is being sabotaged by few who (in many cases) are not qualified themselves to determine “true talent”. Often the panel of judges on these popular television talent shows have gotten such position due to money or social status as apposed to musical knowledge or background so how can they be classed as qualified to “judge” the musical abilities of anyone else?? I have watched with great sadness as young, impressionable people have been prejudged on these shows on physical appearance- their size, clothing choice or how they look……all before they even open their mouth to sing! This can only be described as a pantomime-not a talent competition!!!! 

Taking the above into account, I am sure you will all agree that  Its time for a reformation of talent shows as we have known them!!

Lockdown Factor is an all new, unique and fair way of talent searching which gives every individual talent an equal opportunity without biased judges opinions or harsh criticism. The competition will be solely judged on the public vote and the best part is………your audition video will be pre-recorded by you in the comfort of your own surroundings and submitted only when you feel confident enough to do so! It really couldn’t be simpler! 

Lockdown Factor really is offering a life changing opportunity…not just for the over all cash prize winner but also for many who may have their talent discovered world-over in a way that wont involved a nerve racking audition in front of an audience of thousands…(not to mention  4 overly critical judges) You wont have to worry about travel/hotel expenses and queuing for hours to audition!! For an entry fee of only  €25, you could change your life, boost your performing confidence and have so much fun in the process!!! This unique, first of its kind competition will begin when all the respective 4 categories are full. (Check the progress bar on the homepage for the progress)  Lockdown Factor will begin its talent search in Ireland and then proceed with a worldwide search for talent in follow up competitions so it is only the beginning of this amazing journey!! I truly believe that Lockdown Factor will be the revival  of  the music industry as we know it and it couldn’t come at a more welcome time!! I look forward to seeing some of the amazing talent that Ireland has to offer and I also look forward to seeing new and amazing talent that would sadly go undiscovered only for this exceptional opportunity!

Remember…the possibilities are endless! Get recording and submit your entry!! Good luck Ireland!!!

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